At Milan Laboratories, importance is always given to developing technology and manufacturing standards at all times. All our manufacturing facilities conform to WHO-cGMP standards & the products are manufactured under strict quality norms.

All interior partitions are done with integrated clean room modular paneling systems and atmospheric conditions being controlled by HVAC systems. All core process areas are supplied with air that is filtered through EU-13 Type HEPA filters.

New Manufacturing Facility – Dahej, Gujarat

10 acres of manufacturing extravaganza, with compliance to all regulatory norms, dedicated to solid oral dosage forms.

Located at special economic zone in Gujarat, our manufacturing facility is an environment friendly body with new state of the art
GMP compliant technology and ready to market products.

Equipped with high output, automated machinery.

Additional arrangement to manufacture small batches of high value products.

Phase 1 (Completed):

Tablet manufacturing facility – 6500 square meters
Capacity – 400,000 tablets / hour / machine

Location: SEZ(Special economic zone), Dahej, Gujarat – 1.5 hour drive from Baroda(Nearest Railway station and Airport)

UKMHRA Approval For Dahej Plant

All hard and sincere work pays off. At times we just need to be patient enough to reap the fruits of our efforts.

Entire Milan Team performed as one unit to climb the mountain of MHRA at Dahej in March 2018 and finally the flag to be hoisted on the summit is here.

Milan has now been granted UKMHRA approval for its new Dahej Facility.