azadi-70 (3)

Milan Celebrated “Azadi 70”

Milan celebrated the “Azadi 70” on occasion of “India’s 70th Independence Day”.
The main attraction of the event was the “Decor Competition”, wherein our 3 teams were allocated a specific area and budget.
Team Prahar – Theme Navy
Team Brahmos – Theme Air Force
Team Agni – Theme Army
These teams were then judged, based on certain criteria’s, by our Honorable Chief Guest and Judge for the day – Retired Army Officer – Major Gawand Sir.
He declared Team Agni as the winner and Team Prahar as the runner-up.
His presence and the gentle words were a source of encouragement for all of us.
We would not have been more blessed to have such a great personality for judging this competition. A perfect match!
We had a team building exercise, wherein Team Brahmos came up as the winner.
In addition to this, we also had a combined event – fancy dress, cooking and poster presentation competition – the theme being “Cultural Diversity” in India.
Overall, excellent efforts put in by all the teams and Major Gawand gracing the occasion, were the highlights.