The Quality Control section is well equipped with professionals operating Qualified instruments for performing analysis of incoming materials, in process and finished products. This section is responsible for sampling, testing and release of materials at every stage of manufacturing.


The plants are inspected by the Drug Regulatory Authorities / Health Authorities of various countries and the constant efforts by the Quality Operations cell has enabled us to have a very good success rate so far with renewed and valid registrations in several countries.

The Quality Operations team at Milan Laboratories ensures to provide drugs of consistent quality, purity and efficacy to our patients. In order to achieve this, in house cGMP inspectors ensure that all activities in the manufacturing units are carried out in accordance with cGMP norms. In process controls, usage of qualified machinery, validated manufacturing processes, validated cleaning procedures, strict environmental & microbiological controls in production and packaging areas, training of personnel, maintaining hygiene and cleanliness, proper record keeping, and so on are some of the controls exercised by this section so as to ensure that Quality is built into the final product.